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Popo Says - Although ticks are active most of the year, spring is a time when they become more active as the weather warms up. Ticks can be found in tall grasses, forest floor leaves and brush. It may surprise you, but ticks can be found in your backyard as well as forests and wooded areas. Your pet may encounter these tiny parasites as you spend more time outdoors. Spring is a time when both people and pets are at risk for mosquito bites. Heartworm disease is especially dangerous for pets due to parasitic worms that are spread through mosquito bites. It's important that pets are protected with heartworm preventatives year-round. Whether they take an oral supplement, use topical solution, or receive an injectable from their veterinarian, it is also vital that they are screened for heartworm disease during their semi-annual veterinarian appointments. Although spring is a wonderful season for temperature changes and more time outdoors, it is also a time when your pets are more susceptible to diseases from outdoor creatures. Be sure to ask your veterinarian if a flea and tick product or heartworm product are the best preventative measures for your pet. Fleas are similar to ticks in that they become more active during warmer temperatures and are capable of living in nearly all types of environments. In fact, most pets are susceptible to fleas, even indoor pets. That's why many veterinarians recommend flea preventatives for all pets in a household, regardless of if they go outside. Credit: Merck Animal Health