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International Travel

We do not provide International Health Certificates for Pets traveling outside of the United States. Below is some information for traveling with your pet outside of the U.S.

Pet Quarantine - Pet Passport - Pet Immigration

Traveling internationally with your pet? Pet immigration rules are specific to each country worldwide, and pet owners need to be familiar with these rules before traveling to avoid pet quarantine in countries that require it. Planning in advance of traveling with a pet is key in avoiding problems when entering a country. Pet owners should create a pet passport which is a collection of all identifying and required documents for entering a given country. Familiarity with pet immigration rules will help make traveling with a pet more enjoyable and safer.

Keep in mind that some of requirements can take several months to complete so allow plenty of time before traveling to make sure your trip and the transfer of your pet is successful and goes smoothly without complications.

Below is a list of things you will want to become familiar when you start your planning.


International Pet Travel

  • International Health Certificate
  • Quarantine and Entry Requirements
  • USDA Certification of Health Certificate (US Travelers)
  • CFIA Certification of Health Certificate (Canadian Travelers)
  • Airline Pet Policies
  • In-Cabin/Cargo Requirements
  • Microchip your Pet